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New mesures for the Nclex.

Unfortunately, due to this worldwide pandemic the Pearson Vue test centers were closed and re-opened on March 25th with new sanitary precautions and different rules to the test at a limited number of test centers in the U.S and Canada. That is certainly a huge confusion for a lot of us but you can reschedule or obtain a refund on your Pearson VUE account.

Remember safety First.

Those new mesures are in effect until July 2020, but the situation is evolving rapidly so please make sure you consult their website for more information:

So what is changing:

  • The minimum amount of questions will be decreased from 75 to 60 questions.

  • The maximum amount of questions will decreased from 265 to 130 questions.

  • The test will not exceed 4 Hours (was 6H before)

  • The pre-test and Next Generation questions are discontinued.

  • The difficulty of questions and passing standard have not changed.

  • Authorizations to test were automatically extended for six months for candidates whose appointements were unscheduled due to Covid-19.

I will not recommend to contact Pearson VUE directly as they are extremely busy, try to email them.

Good luck.

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